Find out why you're still struggling with weight loss resistance, fatigue, and brain fog every day... 

even if your blood work is "normal"

This short questionnaire will allow me to give you personalized information and recommendations.

How will this assessment help you get unstuck? 

If you want to drop stubborn weight, boost your energy without caffeine, feel less joint and body pain, and not have to rely on medications as you want to get results sooner than later. But you've already tried all the diet plans, exercise programs, and 'miracle' pills, right?  This tells me there is something internal that isn't quite working right.  

This assessment can help us figure out what that is.


✔️ Your doctor tells you everything is "fine", but you don't agree.
✔️ Your doctor has told you that you have insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, hypertension or another health condition.
✔️ You are doing all the things but can't seem to make any meaningful change in your body or health.
✔️ You don't want to load up on medications or substances just to get through the day. 
✔️ You want a lasting solution for your nutrition and lifestyle to get control over your health and prevent future diseases.


Just fill out this short questionnaire and I'll be in touch with my recommendations.  

Why this assessment?

This is not a cookie-cutter process where you'll get a pre-made, automatically generated response.  

This assessment is a comprehensive look into why you're currently stuck.  

How does it work? All you have to do is fill out the form and submit it.  I'll take everything you send to me and create a roadmap for how you got here, what you're currently dealing with and how you can take action on changing it.  

Why is it free?  This is the exact process I go through with my new 1 on 1 concierge clients when we first start working together.  There are only so many hours in the day, so I have limited capacity to take on new clients.  This is me paying it forward and helping serious action takers get answers.  

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