Tired of stubborn weight, achy joints, imbalanced blood sugars, and constant cravings? 

Are you ready to fit into those jeans without feeling blah?

Are you ready to finally make the changes you want without feeling deprived?

Are you ready to get through each day with energy and feeling full of life?

It’s time for a plan that WORKS!

You don't have to count calories or points, weigh your food or feel hungry all day long.

The Insulin Resistance Solved program is your solution to finally balancing your blood sugars, kicking those unwanted pounds to the curb, boosting energy and taking back your health once and for all, without unnecessary medications.

Register now before the doors close!  We begin July 1st! 

If you are...

Tired of the dieting hamster wheel
Sick of starting over
Missing out on life's events
Looking to age well and avoid medications


You can finally get the results you're looking for - that last.
Just imagine what's possible for you, like it was for me...

  • 30 lbs lost 
  • No evidence of heart disease
  • Insulin resistance reversed
  • Energy boosted
  • Joint pain gone
  • Gas, bloating, and chronic constipation eliminated

All of this is possible FOR YOU TOO.

Are you ready for A BODY & LIFE YOU LOVE?

No more dreading getting dressed, shopping for new clothes, or having your photo taken.

You need a simplified plan to follow - that will bring you a lifetime of success.

Sure, you could try this on your own...

But, honestly, how well has that worked out so far?  Why continue to struggle when you could just press the easy button and follow someone who has done it before?

I know you're tired of starting over, confused by conflicting advice, and frustrated with a lack of results.

Let's get this problem solved

All you need to do is GET SIGNED UP and FOLLOW THE PROGRAM-it's as simple as that 

Here's what you'll find inside Insulin Resistance Solved

Weekly lessons 

$1200 value

There's a LOT of incorrect information online about quality nutrition, optimal lifestyle, and how to navigate some common pitfalls. These lessons will be held live on Zoom and recordings will be shared. Access to the recordings will remain posted until the end of the program. 

It doesn't have to be complicated, confusing or overwhelming.

These lessons will teach you about the causes and details of insulin resistance, various types of foods, eating schedules, simple meal making, monitoring progress, exercise, navigating holidays and travel, sleep, stress, and so much more.  

Support Community

$300 value

You're not alone on this journey.  It's so incredibly helpful to hear what is and is not working for others, to feel seen and heard on your own struggles, and to get continued support between calls from the entire group.  

We are better together. 

This is a great place to share recipes, workout ideas, stress management tips, tools, and resources.  This will be a place to identify and manage upcoming challenges, increase your level of understanding, and to celebrate all successes.  

Insulin resistance solved is your solution 

This isn't a quick fix, cleanse, or detox program.  
This isn't about cutting calories. 
You don't have to track, count, or weigh your food.
This wasn't created by an "Instagram Influencer".

This program was created by Andrea Nicholson, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, to help you fix your metabolism, boost energy, and drop stubborn pounds while LOVING your food.  

This is the EASY button.

These results are waiting for you...
What people are saying about Andrea's programs 

"Andrea has helped me in so many ways.  I have lost weight and it's staying off.  I followed what she suggested and it worked. She also fixed my stomach problems." ~Mary

"Andrea was a great resource in helping me identify my nutritional deficiencies and providing me support to help with menopausal symptoms. After three months with Andrea, I feel amazing! Not only lost pounds and gained muscle, but I have reduced my menopausal symptoms. Thanks for your help, Andrea!" ~Kate

"She is so passionate concerning health and very knowledgable. She explains everything thoroughly and dedicated. I have seen much improvement in how I feel. Thanks Andrea!" ~Kathy

"If you are tired of being sick and tired, Andrea is your person! Andrea can help you finally get your energy back (or mojo as I like to call it) no matter how long it's been since you have felt like yourself. Never in a million years did I think the way to get over waking up everyday would be to work on my "stomach issues", but it freaking works!

Andrea will walk you through the whole process & is always just a message away if you ever have any questions or need support on something! If you are looking for a way to get that pep back in your step, work with Andrea at Healthy Life with Andrea, LLC, you will not regret it!
" ~English

Got questions before you get started?

We've got answers!

What if I can't make the live calls or I'll be unavailable during a portion of the program?
All calls will be recorded, so you can watch them as your schedule allows.  The community content will also remain for the duration of the program.    

What if this program ends up not being for me? Do you offer refunds?
I am not able to offer any refunds.  Please do message me with any concerns and I will do everything in my power to help you maximize your success with this program.   

What happens after the 12 weeks are up?
You will have access to the materials, community, and recordings until the program concludes.  At that point, feel free to reach out and discuss continued options based on your needs and goals.  Andrea@healthylifewithandrea.com 

It's your choice...
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This is for you if YOU...

  • Have been diagnosed with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance or a related condition and want a natural solution to improve your health
  • Are struggling to lose weight, belly fat or visceral fat
  • Are struggling with sugar cravings, carb cravings, or to make meaningful changes to your food choices
  • Are struggling with fatigue, tiredness, or low energy levels
  • Aren't sure what food syou should be eating for optimal health
  • Have received conflicting or incorrect information that isn't helping you address you health concerns
  • Are struggling to balance your blood sugars
  • Want to avoid starting medications or ultimately want to get off of those you're already on (where possible)
  • Want to avoid surgical procedures or worsening health status 

This is NOT for you if You...

  • Want a quick fix for an upcoming event
  • You aren't willing to change your current diet or let go of old beliefs
  • Believe you're just destined to be this way and there is no way to change your habits, behaviors, or future
  • Would rather stay where you are in life
  • Absolutely will not make any changes to your food choices or lifestyle habits
  • Do not have control over your food choices (someone else buys and prepares all foods without any input from you)

Insulin Resistance Solved

12 week program plus 14 total weeks of community support

Training topics:
👉 Introduction to insulin resistance and causes
👉 Protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates
👉 Hydration and electrolytes
👉 Meal timing, schedule, eating frequency
👉 How, when and why to implement intermittent fasting
👉 Glucose and ketones
👉 Eating out, holidays and travel
👉 Exercise and physical movement
👉 Sleep
👉 Stress

VALUE: $1500

Copyright Andrea Nicholson, MS, BCHN®️