Holistic Health Bites Podcast Interview Scheduling
Thank you for your interest in being a featured guest on the Holistic Health Bites Podcast!

This show publishes on all major podcast players and the video is posted to YouTube.  

I welcome a variety of holistic health topics, health success stories, as well as research in the health field. 

All information provided during the scheduling process will be reviewed prior to the scheduled session.  If it is determine that you are not a good fit for this show, you will be notified prior to the scheduled time.  

Andrea reserves the right to allow or deny any participant or topic from being on the show, even if the recording has been done (it may not be published).  

By scheduling your session, you agree to allow any and all publication of this content to any platform this podcast is shared to.  Andrea owns the full rights to the recording (audio and video) as well as any written content posted to her website, blog, emails, and social media channels.  

Episode recordings are generally 30-45 minutes.  We schedule an hour to have some extra buffer so we don't get cut off.


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