Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle with Gin Stephens by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson
On this episode of the Holistic Health Bites podcast I was joined by multiple best selling author Gin Stephens.  Gin has written several books on living a healthy lifestyle by incorporating intermittent fasting.  She has a brand new book coming out December 26th that gives a simple, 28 day, day-by-day plan to incorporate intermittent fasting into your life. 

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Episode Summary:

Key Takeaways
  • Intermittent fasting provides many health benefits beyond just weight loss, including improved blood sugar, inflammation, cardiovascular health, brain health, and more.
  • It's important to fast clean - stick to black coffee, plain tea, plain water during the fasting window. Anything that spikes insulin will break the fast.
  • Give intermittent fasting at least 4 weeks for your body to adapt before assessing weight loss or other progress.
  • Don't overly restrict calories or overfast - listen to your body's signals. Increased urges to binge eat are a sign you need to pull back.
  • Eat nourishing, satiating meals during eating windows - avoid ultra-processed foods.

Gin's Background

  • Former teacher who struggled with yo-yo dieting and obesity until finding intermittent fasting in 2014
  • Lost 80 lbs and has maintained the weight loss for 10 years
  • Wrote her first book Delay Don't Deny after getting questions from friends about how she succeeded with intermittent fasting

Differences Between Gin's IF Books

  • Delay Don't Deny - her first book, more basic intro to IF
  • Fast Feast Repeat - goes deeper into the science and benefits of IF, comprehensive guide
  • New book 28 Day Fast Start focuses on getting started and making IF stick as a lifestyle

Health Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

  • Improved blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, reversed metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • Lowered inflammation and helped autoimmune diseases
  • Cardiovascular benefits - improved blood pressure
  • Brain health benefits - Alzheimer's prevention
  • Overall longevity - one of the best things you can do for longevity is IF

Common Mistakes with Intermittent Fasting

  • Drinking coffee with cream, flavored coffee, diet sodas - anything that spikes insulin during the fast
  • Not giving it enough time for your body to adapt - takes 4+ weeks
  • Having unrealistic expectations for weight loss in the beginning

Signs You Are Over-fasting

  • Increased urges to binge eat
  • Cycle of over-restricting and bingeing
  • Feeling worse and worse over time

Nourishment During Eating Window

  • Don't purposefully change your diet when starting IF
  • Over time people naturally gravitate toward more nutritious foods
  • Focus on eating satiating, real foods until satisfied during eating window

Next Steps

  • Preorder Gin's new book 28 Day Fast Start, available December 26
  • Join Gin's 28 Day Fast Start challenge starting January 4 at
  • Check out all of Gin's intermittent fasting resources at


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