I’m often asked how I manage to stay on track with my workouts and eating clean.  Here’s what I’ve found for me . . .

First of all, I do occasionally miss workouts and I do have “cheat” meals and junk once in a while.  We ALL do!  Life occasionally gets in the way and sometimes food wins over logic.  The trick is to figure out how to make that remain occasionally, not the norm.

Second, my workouts and nutrition are critically important to me – I want to live healthfully and with strength and vitality until I’m very old!  So, sticking with them is extremely important.  I schedule my workouts like I would any other important appointment that I would never miss.  I do my best to now allow anything to interfere with my scheduled workouts (unless it’s a true emergency).  I have a designated time that I’ll get it done, planned ahead.  For many, this is the same time every day during the week for added consistency.  As for meals, I plan ahead.  I take a few hours each weekend to plan, shop and prepare my meals for the week.  This minimizes frustration and helps me stay on track with clean eating all week long. 

Third, I have support.  My friends, family, customers and I check in on each other to ensure that we’re staying on track.  Accountability is very important.  If you truly want to achieve anything in life, tell someone else about it who will hold you to it.  Pick wisely in your accountability partners – don’t make it someone who will let you give up or who will talk you into making less healthy choices.  Make it someone who will hold your feet to the fire!  Surround yourself with people on your journey and limit exposure to those who aren’t.  

Fourth, I constantly mix things up with workouts and foods.  For workouts, I change from shorter, more intense workouts, to walking, to yoga, lifting, cardio and kickboxing and more.  For variety in foods, I change up the types of foods I’m eating, the times of day I eat, and the nutrient profiles of my meals.  Keep things interesting and you’re more likely stick with it and look forward to it.   

Fifth, I’ve found to help in forming the initial habit is to physically mark a calendar with your scheduled workouts, then mark them off with a big red X.  The visual of how many days you’ve completed will motivate you to continue to add those X’s.  Place this calendar in a commonly seen location so you’ll constantly be reminded of your goal and how far you’ve already come.  

It’s OK to take a rest day (even recommended), or modify your plan as you need to.  If I’m stressed or busy, I go outside!  That always lifts my mood and kicks the stress to the curb. Taking breaks actually can improve your productivity!

What are your favorite strategies for busting through plateaus?


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