We hear about New Year’s Resolutions every year, but we also hear how infrequently people actually stick with them.  Ever wondered why that is?  Are goals any different?  

Most people make resolutions that are statements to themselves (and sometimes others) that they are going to START or STOP something.  They’re sometimes very specific and sometimes very general.  Most people proclaim them merely as statements without any details, steps to accomplish them or any further thought.  This is why they don’t usually stick. 

Resolutions should be actions you commit to taking every single day for lifelong changes.  True resolutions aren’t about an end result, but rather a way of living and being.  

Goals, in contrast, have a specific endpoint in mind.  A target destination.  A specific outcome.  A specific time-frame to get there.  

Both are necessary to achieve the life you want. I encourage you to make both and stick with them! 

Examples of resolutions: Exercise every day, continually learn, be grateful, be generous.  

Examples of goals: lose 25 pounds, earn $10,000 in the next launch, quit smoking.  

What resolutions and goals are you making? 


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