Why losing weight to get healthy is backward: a blog post by Andrea Nicholson, Functional Nutritionist

If you’re like me, you’ve probably said (or are currently saying), “I just want to lose weight so I can finally be healthy!”

I totally get it.  

But, it’s totally backwards. 

This is backwards for one key reason… losing weight doesn’t guarantee you’ll be healthy.  How many people you know that don’t have any weight to lose, but are not at all healthy? 

The statement “If I lose weight, I’ll be healthy” is simply a belief – it’s not true 100% of the time.  

But, if we flip the thinking to “I want to be healthy” you will end up losing weight along the way AND you’ll find better energy, vitality, immunity and all of the other attributes of truly being healthy.  

When people focus on the goal of weight loss, they’re far more likely to grasp at quick fixes, fad diets and unhealthy tactics.  I mean, you can starve yourself to lose weight…but how are you going to feel?  Will you have endless energy?  No!  

Truly being healthy is SO MUCH more than weight loss.  Weight loss is merely a side effect of being healthy.  

When you focus on BEING a healthy person, you’ll DO the things a healthy person does and you’ll HAVE a healthy body and life. 

BECOME that person first! 

DO the things they would do. 

HAVE the health you want.  


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