Weight loss plateau might mean your methods are outdated

I see it over and over, people do well in their weight loss journey, and they get to a certain level, and then they get stuck.  they can’t break past the plateau they’re in.  It’s usually because their methods are outdated.  The problem is they don’t know they’re outdated.  

They look around at their friends, family, coworkers and social media, the see diets others are using, but the problem is when you do this you start assuming things are working for them and that you know the whole story.  You start creating a reality based on false interpretations without even realizing it. How do you know their methods work?  How do you know what they’re saying they’re doing is real?  How do you know they’re not doing things behind the scenes that you can’t see?  And most importantly how do you know their methods are even healthy?  You don’t.   But I can tell you this…if you are stuck your health isn’t improving, and if you have plateaued then something is off.  You’re likely using outdated tactics, and you missed the shift that is happening right now.   You missed the fact that true healthy living is based on true nutrition, great self-care, and knowing what’s best for YOU.   

Your current plan could be based on other people’s methods or worse, you don’t have a plan.  Your food choice is focused on calories and macros instead of optimal health. You’re either not paying any attention or you’re obsessing about the wrong things.  Next, you may be missing the fact that you have inflammation. You’ve followed some incomplete and inconsistent advice.   So if you’re stuck, you don’t need to be stuck, but you do have to change.  And I can help.  If you want to dial in your optimal nutrition.  


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