Your genes and family history don't determine your future: a blog by Andrea Nicholson, Functional Nutritionist

As a woman in her forties, I want to continue aging knowing I’m doing everything I can to live every day with vitality, energy and health.  If you have a family history or an increased risk for disease, then you likely want the same things too.  But are you living it?

It’s so easy to tell ourselves that we are destined to repeat the lives our ancestors had because we treat it as a guarantee, a life-sentence.  However, we never ask ourselves “well, what if I don’t have to follow that path? What if I can change that outcome?”  Are you really resigned to a life of suffering or early death? Or is it possible to defy that future and live a long, healthy, happy life free from suffering and illness? To me, I think it’s more of a failure to give up because we are scared – or to treat it like we have no control.   I get it.  It’s way easier to give in to the myths and beliefs that its just our destiny.   But we have to get out of our comfort zone.  

It’s time to stop saying I can’t because I have a family history.   Or I can’t because it’s too late.  Ohh really?   Do you think you’re the only person on the planet dealing with these issues and fears? Do you think you’re the only one your age who hasn’t taken control of their health?   Is it even possible that someone older, sicker, or weaker took control back?   Maybe it’s time to show yourself what’s possible.   And step outside of your comfort zone because when you really think about it, you know it’s what you want.  Show yourself and everyone else that it is possible.   And be the person you want to be.   


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