Welcome back to the Holistic Health Bites podcast.  Today I am joined by Dr. Melissa Grosboll who is sharing her journey with cancer and how she transitioned to becoming a cancer fitness specialist. 

A cancer journey with Dr Melissa

On this episode of the Holistic Health Bites podcast, I am joined by Dr. Melissa Grosboll, a retired chiropractor and cancer survivor. On this episode, she shares her journey of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis and her subsequent research into exercise for cancer. She explains the importance of tailoring exercise programs for individuals going through different types of cancer treatments and the need for accountability and guidance in order to safely and effectively recover. 
We discussed the importance of mindset and taking control of one’s health when facing a diagnosis. She also emphasized the significance of a healthy diet, including reducing sugar and processed foods, and opting for organic and grass-fed animal protein. 
Of course, no health journey would be complete without a discussion of living a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of sleep, self-care, and avoiding toxins in personal care products and cleaning supplies. We even discussed the challenges of finding non-toxic products.

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