Building Healthy Habits with Nate Sleger

Episode Description:

Nate, a former personal trainer, transitioned his focus from fitness to psychology and habits, aiming to support individuals in their pursuit of lasting health changes. Together, we explored the profound shift from merely chasing a number on the scale to prioritizing the development of healthy habits. We discussed our favorite resources and recommended books on habit formation while emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and remaining open to new ideas for our personal growth.

Throughout our discussion, we stressed the significance of immersing oneself in a positive environment and taking small, manageable steps toward health goals. We both acknowledged the challenge of waiting for motivation and instead encouraged the initiation of progress through those essential first simple steps.

Nate and I also had an engaging conversation about the power of celebrating small milestones on the journey to better health. We highlighted the importance of immediate rewards and celebrations to reinforce these positive habits. Moreover, we touched on the idea of using physical postures or gestures as in-the-moment celebrations, adding an enjoyable and motivating aspect to the process.

Additionally, we emphasized the value of having a coach or a robust support system to provide guidance and celebrate these incremental victories. For those seeking further assistance in building and maintaining healthy habits, we recommended exploring Nate’s podcast and ebook as valuable resources.

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