Insulin Rises Decades Before Blood Sugar
Does anything on this list sound familiar?
🔺 Fatigue, low energy or energy dips
🔺 Irritable or hangry if you don’t eat
🔺 Sugar or carb cravings
🔺 Feel better after eating or feel best when eating carbs
🔺 Tired if you don’t eat or tired after you eat
🔺 Stubborn weight (especially around the middle) that won’t budge
🔺 Elevated blood pressure (without medications)

These are just a few signs of insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is the first stage in the development of diabetes…and it occurs decades before most doctors will pick up on it.

Why? Because doctors are only looking at glucose! Glucose can stay within appropriate levels for many years thanks to rising levels of insulin managing it.

But much like the boy who cried wolf, eventually your cells stop listening to insulin. They’re already overloaded with sugar and can’t take any more.

Even if you’re not eating a lot of pure sugar (carbs of ALL kinds can do this).

Insulin is the first marker to rise. But you have to be looking to know it.

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