Gut Healing with Kaytee Hadley

Join me in this captivating episode as I sit down with Kaytee, a functional medicine dietitian, who candidly shares her personal journey of battling chronic GI symptoms and mental health issues. Together, we explore the profound connection between gut health and mental well-being, unveiling how this realization drove Kaytee to become a passionate advocate for those who are told they have no choice but to live with their health issues.

In our insightful conversation, we dive into the significance of seeking root causes rather than merely managing symptoms, highlighting the limitations of the current healthcare system in addressing complex health issues. Emphasizing the need for a holistic approach, we discuss considering multiple factors and building a supportive network to achieve healing and holistic wellness.

Discover the power of having a clear vision and effective communication, coupled with proactive planning for obstacles and challenges, to facilitate sustainable change on your healing journey. Kaytee and I stress the importance of taking small, manageable steps and avoiding overwhelm from complicated approaches.

Explore the 5R approach to gut health, which entails removing harmful elements, identifying trigger foods, and addressing pathogenic bacteria to address the root cause of health issues rather than just managing symptoms.

Kaytee outlines a comprehensive framework for addressing gut health, incorporating strategies to remove harmful bacteria, replace missing nutrients, repair the gut lining, re-inoculate with healthy bacteria, and rebalance lifestyle factors. Discover how various tools are available to identify specific imbalances and overgrowths, even on a limited budget.Don't miss this enlightening discussion, where we unveil the healing potential that lies within each of us and the transformative impact of understanding the profound gut-brain connection on the path to optimal health and well-being.

To find Kaytee: - from there you can schedule a free consultation with Kaytee to learn more about her work.  


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