The Addiction Nutritionist Podcast
This week I was featured on Kelly Miller’s The Addiction Nutritionist Podcast. She invited me on to discuss all things related to blood sugar handling.

Here are the full show notes:

In today’s episode I speak with Andrea Nicholson, former Crime Scene Investigator turned Holistic Health Practitioner. Andrea now spends her time as a Metabolic Health Investigator helping her clients discover and investigate their own blood sugar patterns, optimizing them for better mood, brain function and overall well being. This is one of my FAVORITE topics and highly relevant to people in recovery, because mismanaged blood sugar is a top relapse trigger! Listen to Episode #4 for more info on that topic. Andrea details what blood sugar management is, and why it’s considered the gateway to all things health, wellness and longevity. She lays out the different pieces of evidence that she analyzes with her clients to determine if blood sugar regulation is wreaking havoc on their health or contributing to their symptoms. She shares with us some shocking statistics about the state of health of the average American, as well as which laboratory tests can be valuable in assessing your own personal state of blood sugar. Hint hint the most valuable test is probably one you have never had or hear of! Andrea and I discuss different ways you can become your own health advocate, and get real time data using devices like CGM’s or other monitoring devices. This is a highly valuable episode packed with lots of practical tips about how you can start managing your blood sugar today!


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