Millennial Housewife Podcast featuring Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

I had the honor of being featured on this fun show: the Millennial Housewife podcast. In this episode, we covered a wide range of topics including mid-life career changes, gut health, and various nutrition plans.
  • What I loved about my former career as a forensic scientist and crime lab manager
  • What I didn’t love about my former career
  • How I transitioned to Holistic Health
  • My health journey story
  • The “perfect” diet myth
  • The value of functional testing
  • How habits can work against us
  • The significance of past traumas not handled
  • Why digestion is the foundation of healing ALL illnesses (even outside of digestive issues)
  • My number 1 tip for getting started
  • If you want to progress quickly, work with a practitioner (like me) to can help fast-track your journey safely


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