Hopeful and Wholesome Podcast Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

This past week I was honored to be featured on Hope Pedraza’s podcast – Hopeful and Wholesome.
On this week’s episode, we talk all about blood sugar regulation, why it’s important for EVERYONE (not just those with diabetes), and what metabolic health really means.

Highlights from the episode:
  • Why you should focus on blood sugar and insulin
  • What is metabolic health
  • Who should really consider a metabolic health reset
  • What’s the deal with calorie or macro counting
  • The power of bioindiviality
  • There isn’t a one size fits all approach to anything
Being tired doesn’t have to be your reality.
Pains don’t have to be a part of getting older.
Weight gain doesn’t have to happen with age.
You can live a life filled with vitality, energy, and exuberant moods.


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