Can Probiotics Lower Triglyceride Levels? by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

Can Probiotics Lower Triglyceride Levels?

This study from 2020 published in the Integrative Medicine: A Clinicians Journal, looked at the effects of spore-based probiotics on people with high triglycerides.
Read this study here.

Can Probiotics Lower Triglyceride Levels?

Poor gut health has been linked to nearly every chronic disease and a healthy, diverse microbiome has been linked with markers of optimal health.

There are different types of probiotics (see my short video on the three different types) and it is important not to take any one type for too long. This study examined spore-based probiotics because they’ve been shown to survive the digestive process long enough to make it to different parts of the colon than non-spore based probiotics, and they’ve been shown to release many beneficial compounds in our gut that boost health and repair damage.

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Have you ever taken a spore-based probiotic? If you have high triglycerides – this may be a strategy to help you lower them – ALONG with a nutritional and lifestyle strategy plan. There are no miracle supplements that will overcome poor diet and lifestyle habits.


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