Optimizing Health in 2024 by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

Hello, and thank you for prioritizing your health and joining me on this podcast journey. Can you believe we're already on episode 88?!  

Let me just take a moment to thank each and every one of you.  I create these episodes for you.  This year the show has grown by 226%, reaching 21 countries. The biggest growth has come from people sharing episodes and leaving 5 star reviews which tells others that this is a show worth listening to.  Thank you to everyone who has shared and reviewed.  It warms my heart and I appreciate it so much.  2024 will bring even more great topics and interviews.   

In today's episode, I want to take a few minutes to help you identify the missing puzzle pieces that might be causing your current health struggles, whether it's with weight, energy, joint pain, headaches, digestive issues, or anything else.

Forget about expensive meal services, magic potions, or complicated calorie trackers – you don't need those.

If we haven't met before, I'm Andrea, your Functional Health Investigator, here to guide you in identifying and solving the underlying reasons for your health challenges. I want you to spend less time obsessing over the wrong metrics, start feel amazing, and live a life without unnecessary medications.

Just to be clear, the strategies I'm sharing today are not just theoretical. These are the exact steps that not only my clients and I use but also thousands of others, successfully repairing their metabolism, tapping into limitless energy, and living a medication-free life. In short, this is what works for ideal health, naturally.

Now, as you're likely aware, the population is getting sicker, heavier, and more medicated by the day. A study in the Journal of American College of Cardiology showed that only 6.8% of the population has optimal metabolic health. And that was based on data from 2017-2018 – we know health declined even further in recent years since the pandemic.

There are three main reasons I see for why people struggle to fix their health.

First, is overwhelm – with life and the enormous quantity of conflicting health information. The internet gives us access to everything, but it burdens us with the responsibility to discern what's scientifically valid, applicable, and safe. Today, you're here, which tells me you recognize the need for guidance in simplifying the process.

When decisions are based on your personal data, the protocol becomes targeted and laser-focused. It's time to get serious and take action because you already know the transformation you're seeking and why it's important to you.

The beauty of this process is that the path is yours. You decide what works, what doesn't. It's about sifting through the chaos, making decisions, and being willing to iterate as needed.

The second reason people struggle is they pivot too quickly and too drastically. Health challenges developed over years, so they won't vanish overnight. Patience is key. True health is a way of living, not a destination.  We need to be flexible in our choices, but don’t need to scrap the entire plan and start over from scratch. Rather make small tweaks and tiny refinements.

Countless options and shiny objects can interfere with progress. Stick with it. It doesn't need to be complicated; simple and doable in your life is more likely to succeed. Complex and fancy won't work without foundations.

Note what you like, dislike, what works, and what doesn't. Build a system – where can you simplify your life even more?

The third reason is spinning wheels, guessing at problems, and following the wrong plans. Don't spend too much time chasing new plans, programs, gadgets, and potions. Well-meaning advice from friends, family, coworkers and online influencers can lead to frustration when you don't get the same results that they claim they got. 

A particular plan may have worked for someone else, but you are unique. Some people use multiple services and products – custom meal plans, shakes, bars, medications, coaches – it can work but can also be expensive and time-consuming.

It doesn't have to be this complicated or expensive. It's time to simplify. You don't need custom meal plans, thousands of complicated recipes, or a cobbled-together team.
That's why I created my Functional Health program – to identify underlying causes, solve imbalances, and create long-lasting habits tailored to you.

In this program, you'll access functional assessments, lab testing, health technology data interpretation, pathogen eradication, hormone balancing, ideal nutrition plans, sleep optimization, stress management, physical activity guidance, and a healthy mindset. We'll implement these at the right time for maximized benefit without overwhelm.

Your health is like a puzzle; you can put the pieces together at your pace, but keeping them together is key. Most plans fail because they don't fully address all needs and lack education on why it matters.

The roadmap I take my clients through involves three phases – Investigate It, Solve It, Live It. 

Investigate it - where we assess your current health, discuss how you got here, and test to establish your baseline.

Solve it - where we eradicate, rebalance, and optimize your health.

Live it - where we create routines, behaviors, and regular checkups to ensure you keep your results. 

If you want to get clear on the one thing to start improving your metabolic health, schedule a call with me. Let's take the first step in identifying your personal roadmap to ideal health.

This one-on-one opportunity is for natural health seekers serious about their goals, stuck in a model they don't like, looking for a simple, sustainable plan that works. Click the button below to schedule your time with me. This is a free, no obligation call.  So you have nothing to lose! I'm excited to help you find solutions.


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