Solving Infertility with Susan Fox, podcast by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

Fertility, Lifestyle, and Environmental Toxins
Susan, a licensed acupuncturist with expertise in fertility, highlighted the significant role played by lifestyle, exposure, and habits in fertility struggles. She emphasized her mission to help people prepare physically and mentally for conception or advanced reproductive therapies and discussed the overlooked lifestyle factors. Susan and Andrea discussed the prevalence and dangers of environmental toxins and emphasized the importance of being aware of these toxins and making conscious choices to avoid potentially harmful chemicals. They concluded the discussion by suggesting a shift in focus towards other health-promoting aspects like nutrition, hydration, and finding clean water sources.

Fertility Health: Physical Activity, Sleep, and Mindfulness
Susan and Andrea discussed the crucial role of physical activity and sleep for fertility health. Susan highlighted the benefits of circulation-promoting activities such as walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, and passive circulation using infrared and TENS units, particularly during specific times in the menstrual cycle. They underscored the significance of proactive healthcare and the link between metabolic dysfunction and a range of health issues, including infertility. Susan and Andrea emphasized the importance of self-reflection, mindfulness, and surrounding oneself with supportive individuals to maintain healthy habits. They also suggested taking a break from all forms of media to reduce stress.

Prenatal Supplementation and Lifestyle Choices
Andrea and Susan discussed the importance of lifestyle choices and supplementation for those planning to get pregnant or already pregnant. Susan emphasized the need for a good prenatal supplement, particularly one with methylated folic acid, and supplements for mitochondrial support and fish oil for fetal brain development. She also stressed the importance of testing and supplementation if needed, warning against taking supplements without a need. Andrea asked about Susan's stance on eating fish during pregnancy, to which Susan suggested consuming wild caught salmon but also recommending prenatal supplementation.

Fertility Issues: Seek Specialist, Consider Lab Testing
Susan advised Andrea that individuals experiencing fertility issues should seek out a specialist, like a reproductive endocrinologist, as soon as possible. She stressed that there could be a medical or structural issue that may require intervention, such as a procedure or in vitro fertilization (IVF). Susan also mentioned that she offers coaching calls to guide people through the process and suggested that lab testing should be the first step to determine if there is a physiological reason for the fertility issues.

Fertility Treatment: Improving Egg Quality and Addressing Pregnancy Loss
Susan discussed the importance of identifying physiological imbalances and making changes to improve egg quality and uterine receptivity for successful fertility treatments. She also highlighted the significance of understanding and addressing the root cause of recurrent pregnancy loss, which could be due to low progesterone, low vitamin D, or underlying inflammatory processes. Susan recommended testing for these potential issues and suggested supplementation as a possible solution. 

Supplements, Prenatal Care, and Autoimmune Conditions
Andrea and Susan discussed the importance of strategic and targeted use of supplements, emphasizing the risk of toxicity from excessive intake. They agreed on the need to test and diagnose specific deficiencies before supplementing. The conversation also focused on prenatal care, with Susan advising that a prenatal should be started at least three months before attempting to conceive. They further discussed the need to adjust supplements during pregnancy, with Susan suggesting a halt to certain supplements like CoQ10. 

Chinese Medicine and Fertility Quiz
Susan shared their expertise in Chinese medicine and its application in fertility and wellness. She designed a quiz, called the fertility quiz, to help individuals identify imbalances in the five elements of Chinese medicine and receive tips to rebalance. She also mentioned an online course she developed, which offers DIY applications for stress reduction, mind-body meditations, and Chi gong exercises. Susan's private practice, primarily serves local clients, but she also conducts some video consultations. 


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