Troubleshooting Autoimmunity with Divya Dhawan on the Holistic Health Bites podcast with Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

On this episode, I have special guest Divya Dhawan discussing holistic health, with a particular focus on autoimmunity and its relationship with metabolic health. Divya shared her personal journey with an autoimmune disorder and her research on alternative medicine, emphasizing the importance of eating organic, seasonal, and local foods. She also discussed the challenges faced by individuals with autoimmune conditions and unexplained symptoms, the potential negative impacts of high cortisol levels on blood sugar and the risk of diabetes, and encouraged viewers not to give up on their health.

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Holistic Health and Autoimmunity Discussion
On this episode, I had special guest Divya Dhawan join me to discuss holistic health, focusing on autoimmunity and its relation to metabolic health. Divya shared her personal experience with an autoimmune disorder, leading her to explore alternative approaches to manage her symptoms and eventually achieve remission. She discussed her journey of researching supplements and alternative medicine systems, and her decision to focus on women with autoimmune disorders to help them find the root cause of their condition and improve their health. Divya also mentioned her goal to help at least 100 women this year.

Autoimmune, Organic, and Local Food Discussion
Divya Dhawan and I discussed the concept of autoimmune conditions and the potential for self-healing. Divya emphasized the importance of eating organic, seasonal, and local foods, arguing that GMO foods and chemicals can lead to autoimmune issues by causing leaky gut and allowing toxins to enter the body. I agreed, noting that food choices and eating habits can significantly impact health. Divya also mentioned that eating locally according to the season can help the body adjust to the specific weather and climate conditions.

Autoimmune Symptoms and Functional Health Practitioners
We discussed the difficulties faced by individuals with autoimmune conditions and unexplained symptoms. Divya suggested finding a functional health practitioner to identify the root causes of these symptoms, as they are often indicative of a metabolic breakdown in the body. She emphasized the importance of a comprehensive process, including looking at labs and histories, to determine the specific cause of symptoms such as fatigue, skin issues, and digestive problems. The conversation concluded with the agreement that while testing can provide answers, it does not offer a solution, and guidance from a knowledgeable practitioner is essential to address and resolve these issues.

Health Issues and Strategies for Improving Well-Being
We discussed the complexities of addressing health issues, emphasizing that it's rarely a single problem, but a series of interconnected ones. This is why it is so important to have patience and understanding that significant healing takes time. Divya suggested several strategies for reducing inflammation and improving health, including incorporating ginger and turmeric into the diet, avoiding foods that cause inflammation, opting for grass-fed, high-quality animal products, managing stress, and ensuring adequate sleep. In fact, these strategies form healthy habits beneficial to everyone's well-being, not unique to autoimmunity.

Hormonal Imbalances and Health Impacts Discussed
Divya discussed the common hormonal imbalances she encounters in her practice, specifically focusing on cortisol levels and their impact on other bodily functions. She also highlighted the potential negative impacts of high cortisol levels on blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetes. Furthermore, she mentioned other tests run, including a metabolic wellness profile to assess histamine levels and markers related to gut health. Divya also discussed the impacts of H. Pylori on the body, particularly in people with autoimmunity, and the potential domino effect of various health problems. It really does take a comprehensive approach and understanding overlaps between various conditions.

Health Challenges and Solutions Discussed
Finally, we discussed the common health issues we encounter in our clients, including gut problems, blood sugar imbalances, cortisol imbalances, stress-related issues, and nutritional deficiencies even in those eating healthy diets. Divya emphasized the importance of comprehensive practitioner care for better chances of recovery. 


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