Holistic Health Bites podcast by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson with guest Thais Harris, Holistic Nutritionist, speaking about self love on the journey to ideal health

On today's episode of the Holistic Health Bites podcast, I am joined by Holistic Nutritionist Thais Harris who shares her journey to finding self love on the path to ideal health.  

Thais, a holistic nutritionist, author, and speaker helps women love themselves into ideal health through proper self-care. 

Thais differentiated self-love as the overarching practice cultivating self-esteem and acceptance through mindfulness. Self-esteem involves internal and external validation, while acceptance requires present-moment awareness and reality acceptance without conditions.

Thais entered self-love work noticing most women dislike some aspect of their body daily. Her found that cancer clients benefited from a deeper self-love beyond mindfulness, improving health outcomes.

Thais detailed mirror work with positive affirmations when facing her own skin cancer diagnosis, and light-beam visualization sending gratitude to affected areas. These practices aided acceptance and healing.

Thais' skin cancer healed through self-love work but surgery was still required, leaving scars. Recurring cancers responded well to continued breathing, gratitude and light practices during healing.

Thais and her husband coined “DIET” as daily intake of all influences - thoughts, media, movement, environment - after observing their interplay in clients and her inflammation shifts. Small choices guided by love impact health.

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