Holistic Health and Toxins Removal

Holistic Health and Toxin Removal with Chelsie Ward on the Holistic Health Bites podcast by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson
In this episode of the Holistic Health Bites podcast, Chelsie Ward, a nurse and toxin expert, shares her personal journey into holistic healing and the importance of removing toxins from our bodies. She discusses strategies for transitioning to non-toxic products and ways to clean up and replace common household cleaning supplies with safer alternatives. Chelsie also highlights the presence of toxins in the body and how it affects a person's health, as well as the need to adopt a long-term detox lifestyle. 

Solving Infertility

Solving Infertility with Dr Susan Fox, podcast by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

A Cancer Journey with Dr Melissa

A Cancer Journey with Dr Melissa by Functional Nutritionist Andrea NicholsonIn this episode of the Holistic Health Bites podcast, retired chiropractor and cancer survivor, Dr. Melissa Grosboll, shares her personal journey of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis and her subsequent research into exercise for cancer. She emphasizes the importance of tailoring exercise programs for individuals undergoing different types of cancer treatments and the need for accountability and guidance in order to safely and effectively recover. Dr. Grosboll also discusses the significance of mindset and taking control of one's health when facing a diagnosis, as well as the importance of a healthy diet and a holistic lifestyle that includes quality sleep, self-care, and avoiding toxins in personal care products and cleaning supplies. If you're looking for insights and inspiration on navigating a cancer journey, this episode is a must-listen.

To connect with Dr. Melissa, you can reach out to her via email at drgrosboll@gmail.com or connect with her on Facebook and YouTube using the provided links.

The Begin Within Health Show

The Begin Within Health Show featuring Functional Nutritionist Andrea NicholsonIn a recent episode of The Begin Within Health Show with Nate Sleger, functional nutritionist Andrea Nicholson discusses the important gut-brain connection and how it impacts overall wellness and mental health. They also delve into the significance of digestive and metabolic health, emphasizing the need to investigate and address root causes early on. Using her three phase approach to Functional Health, Nicholson emphasizes the importance of thorough investigation, personalized protocols, and establishing lifestyle habits that cater to individual needs in order to achieve and maintain long-term health and vitality. To listen to the full episode and access more episodes of The Begin Within Health Show, visit their website.

Carb Cycling Uses and Benefits

Carb Cycling Uses and Benefits by Functional Nutritionist Andrea NicholsonCarb cycling is a strategy that can help with weight and fat loss without cutting calories or permanently eliminating carbs. It allows for a wide variety of foods while still benefiting metabolic health. Carbs are often thought of as our primary fuel source, but our bodies can also run on fat under the right conditions. Studies have shown that our body's preferred fuel is fat, as it provides stable energy for longer periods of time compared to glucose. Cycling through higher and lower carb days can help lower overall glucose and insulin levels, making you less hungry and aiding in weight and fat loss.

Implementing a carb cycling plan depends on your current health status and goals. Working with a well-trained practitioner is recommended to determine the ideal plan for you. A sample 6-week plan includes consuming adequate protein and natural fats with each meal, as well as 1-2 servings of non-starchy vegetables. The amount of starchier or higher sugar carbohydrates consumed will vary throughout the weeks. It is important to adjust the plan based on individual needs and health conditions.
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