If you follow health news at all, you’ve probably seen a lot in the media lately about the gut and the relationship to every aspect of your overall health.  It goes far beyond just digestive conditions and symptoms.  

Scientists and doctors are finding connections with brain function, hormone balance, weight management, skin conditions, autoimmune conditions, and overall immune system functioning.  

Here are 10 signs you may not have recognized that indicate an unhealthy gut:

10 Unusual Signs Your Gut is Unhealthy

10 unusual signs your gut is unhealthy

1. You struggle with mood disorders, depression or anxiety

Believe it or not, your gut plays a major role in hormone production and regulation.  A hormone imbalance is often the cause of unstable moods.  An unhealthy gut is also unable to absorb nutrients properly, so you may not have all of the vitamins, minerals, and building blocks needed for hormone production and cellular turnover.  

2. You have acne, dry or itchy skin, or some other skin problem

Our skin shows outward signs of internal problems.  From food sensitivities to hormone disorders, they can all show up as visible signs on our skin.  Proper nutrition, adequate hydration, and nutrient absorption are all critical aspects of healthy skin.  Having a balanced bacterial profile in your gut helps you properly digest foods and regenerate healthy skin.  

3. You have unexplained weight gain or an inability to lose weight

A common thread here is hormone regulation and production… well that’s true here too.  Without proper hormones, you can actually gain weight, retain water and be unable to lose weight.  If your gut isn’t properly digesting food, you can experience a high level of internal inflammation which leads to an unhealthy hormone cascade – pushing things chemicals like cortisol through your body.  Getting your gut in order, healing any damage and consuming the best foods for YOUR body, will turn this all around.  

4. You frequently suffer from acid reflux, indigestion or other digestive distress

This can be a painful sign of an unhealthy balance of bacteria.  If you don’t have the right proportions and a healthy variety of gut microbes, you can’t adequately break foods down.  This can lead to an improper amount of stomach acids, undigested food sitting idle in your system, and the creation of undesirable symptoms like stomach aches, acid reflux, gas, and bloating.  

5. You have frequent yeast infections

Frequent, recurrent yeast infections are caused by an imbalanced gut microbial profile.  If you don’t have a healthy balance of good bacteria, yeast can overtake the system.  This can show up as yeast infections of any system in the body (including nail fungus and athlete’s foot).  A healthy gut microbe profile will keep those yeast levels in check and help your body heal itself.  


Our immune system starts in our gut.  A healthy bacterial balance in the gut can defend your body from foreign invaders, pathogens and illnesses.  Without a healthy bacterial profile, those pathogens and invaders can take over your body, enter your bloodstream and wreak havoc on your body.  

7. You have frequent diarrhea or constipation 

When your gut isn’t working properly, you can’t properly digest foods, absorb nutrients or eliminate waste.  Diarrhea indicates nutrients are being eliminated from your body too quickly, leading to a lack of nutrient absorption.  Constipation indicates you aren’t properly breaking down food products which can lead to putrefaction, build up of wastes and toxins and other unsightly byproducts like gas, bloating and digestive pains.  

8. You’re tired all the time, even with plenty of sleep

When your body is filled with inflammation, your adrenal systems are on overdrive. This zaps your energy and drains you of vitality.  Inflammation can come from food sensitivities, toxins, artificial chemicals, and medications. Allowing your body to heal, repopulate healthy bacterial cultures and improving your digestion, will reduce the inflammation and help you get more restorative sleep.  

9. You have constant sugar cravings

When you have an improper balance of gut microbes, you can end up with too many bacteria that thrive on sugar.  When your gut microbes love sugar, you end up craving more sugar.  When you end up eating more sugar, you can end up with an increased culture of yeast leading to recurring fungal and yeast infections.  

10. You have chronic pains and aches

If you’re dealing with achy joints, muscle soreness, arthritis, headaches, and stomach aches, you likely have high levels of inflammation in your body.  The inflammatory hormone cascade can lead to pain in one or multiple areas of your body on a frequent or daily basis.  

These 10 unusual signs demonstrate you may have an unhealthy gut.  You may notice one or several are true for you.  The great news is, you can heal your body of all of these symptoms – with food!  You can bust through fatigue, brain fog and cravings to live with energy, vitality, and control.  No more dieting.  No more fake foods. 


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