Is fasting healthy or dangerous: a blog post by Andrea Nicholson, Functional Nutritionist

Is fasting simply starving yourself?  Like literally, you just stop eating?

NO!  They’re not the same thing – if you fast correctly! 

Fasting is NOT for everyone.

There are some health conditions and mindsets that are not suited for fasting.  

Fasting is NOT the same as starvation.

Fasting is simply a change in the way you eat, but there are some serious strategies that need to be included to implement properly.  

Fasting requires support, preparation, and planning. 

In order to successfully add fasting into your diet, you can’t simply stop eating.  There are preparatory steps, tactics, and mindsets that must be included in order to be successful.  Otherwise, you’ll likely eat everything in sight afterward, go into it with the wrong mission, and be mentally and physically unprepared.  

7 Benefits of Proper Fasting

  1. Weight loss without muscle loss!
  2. Decreased inflammation
  3. Increased Human Growth Hormone
  4. Regulate insulin levels
  5. Regulate ghrelin levels
  6. Decreased triglycerides
  7. Slow the aging process
There are several different types of fasting – and multiple ways to implement it.  The critical factor is you must be supported, have the right mindset and proper preparation to do it well.  
Ask for guidance.  Don’t just wing it.  


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