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For most, the word “metabolism” brings thoughts of burning calories and losing weight…
But metabolic health is SO much more than that.

Surprisingly, even the strength of your bones and the function of your digestive system are linked to metabolic health.

Join me for this conversation with Andrea Nicholson, a former crime scene investigator turned health practitioner who now channels her analytical expertise to create personalized health solutions for optimal metabolic health.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start
2:23 – Meet our guest, Andrea Nicholson
3:29 – Her transition from Crime Scene Investigator to the health space and how she overcame her health challenges
6:32 – The importance of taking charge of your health
7:23 – The basics of metabolic health
9:07 – Indicators of optimal vs. poor metabolic health
10:53 – The primary markers for assessing metabolic health
12:41 – Metabolism’s role in bone health for ages 50-70+
14:17 – An overview of bone turnover markers
15:30 – Andrea’s journey toward developing a passion for gut health
17:11 – Recommended tests for gut health assessment
20:09 – Connecting the dots between gut health and bone-related concerns such as osteoporosis
23:23 – Practical advice and actionable steps for those eager to improve their health.
28:49 – Final words and key takeaways
30:10 – Where to find Andrea Nicholson

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