Easyoga Podcast
This week I was featured on the Easyoga Podcast with Gemma Nice talking all about gut health. In this episode, I’m sharing my story, how I solved the mysteries of my own health journey through approaching it like I used to work crime scenes:
  • Conducting an investigation into my case, gathering data and evidence through lab testing, technologies, and assessments
  • Analyzing the evidence gathered from the investigation to create plan of attack
  • Eliminating the offending perpetrators that were causing my health challenges (lacking beneficial bacteria, overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, restoring digestive capacity, remedying nutrient deficiencies, and repairing insulin sensitivity)
  • Cleaned up my overall health scene – nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset
  • Instilled protections to maintain those hard earned results
Take a listen to the podcast episode to hear the full story.


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