Hidden Gems in Gut and Metabolic Health featuring Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

I was recently interviewed on the Living Life Naturally podcast with Lynne Wadsworth. You can listen to this podcast here, in your favorite podcast player (Apple, Spotify, Stitcher), or watch the video on YouTube!

Gut and Metabolic Health

In this episode, we talked about a wide range of health topics:
  • Why conventional medical testing doesn’t provide real answers
  • Health is more than just what you eat (why you need a holistic approach)
  • How gut health impacts other aspects of health
  • Different types of stress and why this may be what’s holding you back
  • Why do you focus on blood sugar and insulin (isn’t that really only relevant for Diabetes)?
  • Blood sugar/insulin imbalances: why EVERYONE should care.
  • What are some common myths and misconceptions in the health industry?
  • How might someone know they have a gut health imbalance (is it always digestive symptoms)?
  • Who should consider a metabolic reset (or who needs to focus on metabolic health)?
  • Other than food choices and exercise, what else could be preventing us from reaching a goal?


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