Fall in Love with Fitness Podcast by Sherry Shaban featuring Andrea Nicholson Functional Nutritionist

This week, I was featured on Sherry Shaban’s podcast.

Episode show notes:

There is a massive generalization and many claims on what we should and shouldn’t eat when it comes to diet and fitness. But the truth is, eating is intuitive and based on what works for you as an individual. Intuitive eating is all about being aware of how good you feel and doesn’t feel when you eat certain food. This is, however, so difficult for many of us because we’re so used to feeling bloated, having headaches, and joint pain that we don’t recognize we feel terrible, but when we fix the problem, that is when we realize how good it feels to eat food that works for our body.  

Experimenting with foods and listening to your body cues is the way to discover what works for you. Our cues are often found in bowel movement, digestion, and sleep, and anytime the body is giving us signals, there is massive change going on. Intuitive eating is key to tapping into a diet that works for you. What works for somebody else might not work for you. A healthy diet involves conscious decisions, not just going for something for comfort when we feel uncomfortable. Being in tune with our body allows us to reset and get in touch with discomfort and our real needs.

In this episode of Fall in love with Fitness, Andrea Nicholson shares her wake-up call and how she was able to fix her diet and work towards a healthy lifestyle. She also expounds on the importance of diversity in diet, fasting, intuitive eating, microbial gut population diversity, and shifting our diet as our bodies change to enhance our digestive function and feel lively, super focused, healthy, and energetic every time. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Diversifying your diet to diversify your gut microbiome 
  • How to adapt to diet as our bodies and life change 
  • How to shift to intuitive eating and discover a diet that works for you
  • Fasting to reset and get in touch with ourselves and our real needs
  • And much more!
Listen to yourself and always be your best advocate.” Andrea Nicholson


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