Wholly A Woman podcast featuring Andrea Nicholson

This week I was featured on the Wholly a Woman podcast with Dr. Emily Kirkwold.

Show notes:
After over 10 years of experience and having earned Nutrition Therapy Master certification, Restorative Wellness Practitioner certification (level 3), Board Certification as a Holistic Nutritionist, as well as certifications in Gut Health Science, Sports & Exercise Nutrition, and personal training, Andrea Nicholson has coached others to boost their immune systems, rebalance their gut, lose stubborn weight, and reverse undesirable symptoms with doable and lasting strategies.

Things you’ll hear on the podcast:
  • How might someone know they have gut health issues?
  • What kind of testing can someone have done to figure out if they have these issues? What are the differences between testing at a traditional doctor’s office versus a functional medicine practitioner’s office?
  • Other than food choices and exercise, what else could be preventing someone from reaching a goal?


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