Empowering Women’s Health and Wellness with Amie Longmire

Empowering Women’s Health and Wellness with Amie Longmire

In this episode, Amie Longmire shares her remarkable journey of surviving a traumatic accident and the challenges she encountered while advocating for her own health as a woman. Together we delve into the importance of asking tough questions, seeking answers, and taking an active role in one’s healthcare journey.
Discover the transformative healing benefits of Reiki and how it can aid in processing trauma. Listen as we stress the significance of tuning in to the messages our bodies send us and practicing self-compassion during times of emotional distress.

Throughout this episode, we emphasize the importance of being in touch with our bodies, understanding their unique needs, and the limitations of relying solely on conventional medical practitioners. Learn how to be your own advocate, conduct research, and build a team of healthcare practitioners to holistically address your health concerns.

Taking small steps towards better health can lead to profound changes. We shed light on the significance of focusing on foundational aspects such as nutrition, exercise, and self-care. Discover the value of seeking guidance from practitioners to make informed decisions tailored to your well-being.
Lifestyle and diet play a pivotal role in disease prevention and reversal, including better sleep, proper hydration, and building a supportive community for overall well-being.

Join us on this empowering journey of healing and wellness, where you will gain insights into taking charge of your health, finding strength in adversity, and prioritizing self-care as an essential part of being a resilient and empowered woman.


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