Free Group Trap
I have a love-hate relationship with forum and groups online. 

Sure, you can get some great information and make amazing connections.

But, you can also get terrible (sometimes dangerous) advice and incorrect impressions.

In the world of nutrition, there is no shortage of opinions and answers as to the “best” way to accomplish a goal or heal a condition.

But most days, I mostly see people frustrated because they’re stuck in comparison mode…

Asking in desperation how long it took others to accomplish a goal…

Crying out for help because it’s just not working for them…

Frantically seeking the secret sauce that they just haven’t uncovered yet…

There is no secret sauce.

Results aren’t reserved for the “lucky” few.

And the answers likely aren’t in a free Facebook group, or at least not complete solutions to all of your personal questions.

If it were that black-and-white, there would only be one book to solve everything. But there are tens of thousands of books on the market with many more added daily.

There are over 2000 books written just on insulin resistance!

More information won’t solve it.

Following more “influencers” won’t solve it.

Your situation is unique.

Your solution should be too.


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