Why books won’t fix your health by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

How many books have you started, but never finished? How many have you finished only to buy another because your problems still aren’t solved?

Why books won’t fix your health

One major problem with books on health (or any topic really) is that they have to be generic to be even loosely applicable to a wide audience. But this means they can only really offer one-size-fits-all approaches.
This almost never works.

Another major problem is that you don’t have any way to know if you’re understanding the proposed solution or implementing it correctly when you simply take a generic protocol from a book. There could be one small nuance that you’re missing that prevents you from achieving your goals.

And lastly, you don’t have any support, accountability, or strategies to keep going, push through tough times, or to tweak where necessary. You’re left to fend for yourself when things get tough or you lose motivation.

If a generic weight loss protocol or diet plan really worked, there would only be one diet book on the market. But there are thousands of weight loss and diet books. The same is true for gut health, chronic pain, low energy, and any other health challenge.

We aren’t simple beings. We are complex ecosystems that need comprehensive approaches. There are no single magic pills, potions, shakes, or superfoods that will fix it all.

You can’t outrun a bad diet with exercise.

You can’t simply eat your way to stronger muscles and bones.

No amount of broccoli will save you from a high-stress life.

No self-care plan will rejuvenate you like quality sleep.

The solution is to develop and follow a protocol that addresses diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress, necessary supplements, toxin removal, sneaky negative thoughts, and overall sustainability. There is no one perfect solution for everyone to follow. There is no one perfect solution that you should follow every day forever.

To make it last, you need to know when and what to change throughout your life, what metrics to continue looking at, and why you’re making changes, to begin with!

One on One Support Helps Faster

When you work directly with a practitioner, like me, one-on-one, we will create a tailored plan that is specific to your needs, tastes, preferences, health challenges, and goals. This means that you’ll be able to get the results you’re looking for much faster, and you’ll likely be happier than if you were to try and do it on your own.

I don’t just hand you a pre-determined plan and send you on your way. We have ongoing communication for at least 6 months so that by the end, you have build some muscle memory around these daily habits.
Additionally, we will be able to help you fully identify imbalances and deficiencies in your body to more efficiently and effectively help you heal. This is done by investigating your health history, current status, and future goals through detailed assessments and functional testing.

All of this informs the protocol, so we aren’t guessing at potential remedies. This is not the same process as simply filling out a history form at the doctors office. You know the form that takes you 15 minutes to fill out and the doctor barely glances at it. This is different. We’re going to talk through what’s bothering you. We’re going to discuss how long its been this way and what you’d like to be experiencing instead. You will have ample time to fully explain your story, struggles, and dreams. Heard. Hopeful. and Confident.

We can address stress management, identify food sensitivities, and provide support and accountability as you work towards your goals. So even though you’re doing the work, you’ll never be alone on the journey.
So if you’re serious about finding a real solution to your health problems, it’s time for a simple yet comprehensive solution designed uniquely to you. It’s the best way to get lasting results. I can help you get your desired results.

We all have different learning styles and needs throughout the healing journey. This is exactly why I include multiple modalities and resources from live one-on-one calls, messages between sessions, written and video resources, and my top recommendations throughout our work together. I include functional testing with all of my clients because I want you to get the most out of our work together, and having solid data makes our work more targeted.

This work takes time. It takes effort. I wish I could do the work for you. But I can’t. I can’t eat the food. I can’t do the pushups. I can’t change your lifestyle. But I can educate, empower, and enlighten you while providing a targeted approach to accomplishing your goals.

Three Phased Approach

Phase 1: Metabolic Balance

In this phase, we are identifying imbalances with the assessments and functional tests, we are restoring a healthy metabolism, and we are optimizing digestive function. These are the foundations for repairing any health challenge.

Phase 2: Optimal Health Accelerator

In this phase, we will work on tapping into your limitless energy by retraining your body to use body fat for fuel, we will restore hormone and appetite balance, and we will build your confidence level in your overall lifestyle choices.

Phase 3: Lifestyle and Maintenance

In this final phase, we will expand your food choices to encompass as many different foods as possible, we will discuss how to maintain your results even when traveling, celebrating, and doing all of the normal living life things. And lastly, we will help you look and feel amazing.


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