Fatigue, depression and anxiety with Tiffany Flaten by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nicholson

Episode Summary:

Tiffany shared her journey with debilitating fatigue, depression and thyroid cancer. Tests always showed normal thyroid levels despite symptoms. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and struggled with medication.

Undiagnosed symptoms and nutrition journey

Tiffany experimented with eliminating gluten, dairy, eggs and soy, finding relief within a week of each change. She realized her diet was not as healthy as believed despite having knowledge of biology.

Nutrition changes and symptom improvements

Going gluten-free reduced Tiffany's inflammation, mood issues, swelling and fatigue within a week. She healed her gut while avoiding problematic foods then reintroduced some in moderation.

Thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment struggles

Tiffany's thyroid nodule was found during an exam but initially deemed benign. A second opinion showed cancer which had spread. Treatment did not improve her symptoms and new medication helped "a little."

Thyroid medication adjustments and functional medicine

Tiffany advocated fiercely for herself, finding a provider who listened and added T3 medication, relieving her extreme depression, anxiety and fatigue "a little." Functional medicine uncovered other imbalances.

Empowerment through validation and advocacy

A naturopath validated Tiffany's symptoms had medical causes, ending feelings of being labeled crazy. Knowledge of treatable imbalances empowered her to take control of her health journey.

Resources for thyroid and fatigue support

Tiffany offers a membership program through her website Rock Bottom Wellness to help others overcome debilitating fatigue, depression, anxiety and resistance to weight loss through accountability, resources and personalized support.


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